Instagram teases subscription model, App Store listing confirms Rs 89 monthly price

After India outlawed TikTok, Instagram became one of the most popular social media platforms for influencers and content providers. Now, the photo-sharing network is getting ready to adopt a subscription model, in which users will have to pay to see Stories or other creator-created material. The report appears to be corroborated by the App Store's listing of "Instagram Subscriptions" under in-app purchases.

In India, the App Store listing for Instagram now shows Rs 89 monthly charges for "Instagram Subscriptions," which was previously unavailable, according to Techcrunch. Previously, Instagram's App Store listing only listed badges as in-app purchases ranging from Rs 89 to Rs 449.

Instagram's CEO, Adam Mosseri, hinted earlier this year that the network was looking into a subscription model for content creators.

Instagram isn't the first to get on the subscription bandwagon; Twitter's version of subscriptions, Twitter Blue, was launched earlier this year.

Apart from Instagram Subscription, the photo-sharing platform is said to be working on a number of features, including the Fan Club feature, which is intended for content creators, as you might expect.

Mosseri hinted at three ways creators will be able to make money while speaking at Creator Week in June, including products and affiliate marketing, ad revenue split, and tips or badges.

Creators and influencers may be able to charge subscribers for unique content using the future subscription model. This will also provide a platform for creators to display their best work while maintaining a price tag for actual fans to see or experience. Earlier this year, the Instagram CEO hinted at the possibility of creating a marketplace for NFTs.

Considering that Instagram hasn't made its subscription model public yet. We should anticipate the platform to continue to test the feature with a small group of users. The App Store listing, on the other hand, appears to have spilled the beans for Instagram worldwide. Instagram subscriptions in the United States range from $0.99 to $4.99, implying that the site may have many subscription tiers. In the coming days or weeks, we should learn more about the subscription plan.