Silly World’s ‘Squid Game’ inspired mode is out now on Android and iOS

super gaming, an Indian gaming studio, has finally released a 'Squid Game'-inspired mode in Silly World. The portion, dubbed 'Squid Royale,' has received over 700,000 pre-registrations and will only be accessible for a limited time.

Pre-registered gamers will get early access to the 'Red Light, Green Light' level starting today. Users must achieve a number of in-game objectives, such as playing 10 games of Silly World, adding five friends, achieving 1200IQ, and sharing the game on Instagram, in order to unlock the game mode.

The 'Red Light, Green Light' game can be played by up to 12 people in a typical Squid Royale lobby. Players must make it to the finish line without being seen by the enormous doll, much like on the programme. Winning the game unlocks skins based on the game's main characters, such as the Frontman and Old Man Nam.

In a press statement, Christelle D'cruz, co-founder and General Manager of Silly World, said, "Squid Royale is poised to be the most popular mode added to Silly World, clocking in over 700,000 pre-registrations in the first week." "We're humbled and appreciative for the positive reception to the mode from our fans, and we hope they enjoy it as much as we did creating it."

Silly World is a made-in-India real-time online multiplayer game best played with 4-12 players in a Haunted Mansion or Prison, developed by SuperGaming. The game, which has over 10 million downloads, has a number of party game types, including Jailbreak, Hide and Seek, Murder Mystery, and the brand-new Squid Royale. The game also has interactive features like voice chat and emoticons, as well as the ability to create your own Silly Avatar.