End-of-Year 2021 | 6 Indian celebs who have launched NFTs

In 2021, non-fungible tokens were used to launch digital artefacts by a number of Bollywood and sports personalities (NFT).

NFTs are a sort of digital asset that uses blockchain to track ownership of goods like photographs, films, and other collectibles. Many have been perplexed by their meteoric rise, but it shows no signs of slowing down.

Check out the Indian celebs that joined the NFT club this year in the hopes of making millions off of the increased interest in such assets.

Amitabh Bachchan 

The renowned actor was most likely the first from Bollywood to join the NFT train. Bachchan sold his NFT collection for Rs 7.18 crore in November. His father's famous poem "Madhushala," as well as autographed old posters of himself and other works, were featured in the collectible collection.According to the bidding website Beyondlifeclub, Bachchan's Madhushala poem recital went for $7,56,000, and real posters of Sholay and other films that he personally autographed went for $94,052.

Salman Khan 

Khan has partnered with Bollycoin, a Bollywood NFT exchange. Salman Khan Films, Arbaaz Khan Productions, Sohail Khan Productionz, and Reel Life Production Pvt. Ltd. had all declared their partnership with BollyCoin.

It completed its pre-sale round of 20 million tokens worth $2 million in less than a month in November. When holders buy the tokens, they can get real-world rewards when they sell them.


In July, Diginoor.io, a Singapore-based NFT marketplace, announced a partnership with AVM Studios, the Rajinikanth-starrer 'Sivaji: The Boss,' to launch movie collectibles in NFT. The film's seventeen NFTs, which ranged in price from $99 to $1,500, were all sold out.

Kamal Haasan 

Fantico, an NFT store, has revealed that Tamil actor Kamal Haasan will be selling 100-1,000 NFTs, including personalised posters and avatars. Dhruv Saxena, chief strategy officer of Singapore-based Vistas Media, which owns Fantico, told Moneycontrol, "...we are working on notion of metaverse and this will be exclusive where real connoisseurs can get in." According to Saxena, the actual NFT decline could happen by the end of December or the beginning of January.

Sunny Leone 

Sunny Leone's NFT collection, which includes 9,600 "totally unique, minted on the ethereum blockchain" NFTs, was "sold and minted" in November, according to NFT marketplace Mintdropz.

"GET TO KNOW THE MISFTIZ!" This is HONEY, misfitz! She adores the colour pink, as well as tattooed boys, and eats them for lunch. This is the moment the entire world has been waiting for!!! Leone had tweeted, "#SUNNYLEONENFT collectibles."

Yuvraj Singh 

Yuvraj Singh, a former cricketer, announced his entry into the NFT space on his 40th birthday, December 12. With the collection, the World Cup-winning former India all-rounder said he's giving his supporters "a tremendous present." On December 25, the Yuvraj Singh NFT collection will be released on the NFT platform Colexion.