Google will ban all call recording apps tomorrow

Google said last month that all call recording applications would be removed from the Play Store. The updated Play Store policy will take effect tomorrow, May 11. There will be no modifications for phones with a built-in call recording feature.

For years, the Cupertino-based tech behemoth has opposed call recording applications and services. This is because the corporation considers call recording to be a violation of consumers' privacy. Because of this, Google's own Dialer app's call recording function includes a loud and clear "this call is now being recorded" message that can be heard clearly on both sides before the recording begins.

The move will only affect third-party apps, according to Google. This implies that if call recording is available on your device or region, it will continue to work. This also means that any preloaded Dialer software with a call recording capability will function properly.

Only applications listed on the Google Play market with a call recording functionality will be removed.

Truecaller removes the call recording feature.

Truecaller confirmed the removal of the call recording functionality from its platform a day after Google restricted call recording applications. "We are no longer allowed to provide call records due to revised Google Developer Program restrictions. This will not affect handsets that have built-in call recording, "According to a Truecaller spokesman.