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Universal  Link  for podcast

Universal  Link for everyone

Our podcast users use iPhone, mac book,  android phone, or windows laptop. Many Podcasters share the only links to Spotify. which doesn't work for most people. Podcat is growing nowadays in India. So we cant assume which app they have.

So there some tools which make your link smart. When the user clicked, sense what your listener is using, and opens the right app, so when an apple user would go to Apple Podcast and while an android user would go to Google Podcast or Spotify, we can make it by using some applications.

Podlink provides a link like , which you can share with your friend or you can add in your Instagram descriptions. when you register and claim you get a custom URL and you also link to the episode.

There are so many link applications are there. So try anyone and try to share these links. Try to avoid applications that show google ads. I Personally prefer pod link and charitable's SmartLink.

Most of your friends don't know about podcast cast and they have no application in their smartphone. So for them to share your google podcast link. it can easily open in their web browser.


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