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Q: Which are the best podcast listening applications to listen to Malayalam podcast? 

There are so many podcasting application is there to listen to Malayalam podcast For iPhone users, their inbuild apple podcast applications are available. For android users, Spotify,  Gaana, Google podcast, JioSavan, and many  more applications are there

Q: How to Start Podcast in Malayalam?

There are a lot of podcast distribution applications and websites are there. There are  Wix Podcast Player. Libsyn., SoundCloud, Podbean, Spreaker, Buzzsprout, Simplecast, Transistor, Anchor, and many more. We have to register one among them and start podcasting

Q: Is Podcasting free?

Not every podcasting distribution platforms are free, we have to pay monthly or yearly to them for distributing our podcast. So podcasting is difficult to start. But there are some companies that make it free. companies like anchor. Most of all Malayalam Podcast are distributing using anchor. Achor is completely free.

Q: Is monetization available on podcasting?

Yes, Monetization is available on podcasting. In countries like the USA, Australia, and Germany most people listen to podcasts, so there is a wide range of monetization are available. In-country like India Podcasting is on the growth stage. So we have to wait for monetization of our Malayalam podcast. Sooner it will be applicable

Q: Why to Start a Malayalam Podcast?

Podcasts are uniquely valuable ways for marketing content. Often, target audiences or markets are diverse. Audio marketing allows you to better reach people in your audience who learn best by listening or who prefer to listen to media rather than watch or read it, as well as reach people in your audience who are blind. Podcasts are a medium that can be downloaded and carried anywhere on a phone or mp3 player, allowing you to reach your audience while they are driving, exercising, or doing chores. Professionally edited audio is many times less expensive than professionally edited video.

Q: How long should be a Malayalam podcast?

It depend on the topic, On international podcast we can see  5mintue to 3 hour podcast. Usually Malayalam podcast length 5minute to 1 hour.


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