Best Malayalam Dubbed Movies List 2022 June


Best Malayalam Dubbed Movies List:

Best Malayalam Dubbed Movies List

Malayalam dubbed movies are films that have been originally produced in another language, such as Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, or English, but have been dubbed into the Malayalam language for a wider audience in the state of Kerala in India. Dubbing is the method of recording and replacing the original audio of a film or television program with a new audio track in a different language. Dubbed movies are often released in theaters and on television, and are also available for streaming or download online. Many popular films from other languages have been dubbed into Malayalam, including action, drama, comedy, and romance movies.

Mollywood ( Malayalam ) is one of the leading movie industries in India. independent movies released in Malayalam yearly. Malayalam film industry is small among other south movie industries. so the budgets of Mollywood movies are very low. So many other language big movies are dubbed to Malayalam. Here is the list of other language movies dubbed in Malayalam.

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Best Malayalam Dubbed Movies List:

Sl.NoMalayalam DubbedReleased year
1Deiva Thirumagal2011
2Parris Jeyaraj2021
4Jai Sulthan2021
5Jurassic Park1993
6Surya The Soldier2021
8Little Hero2018
12Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya2019
13Family Man2021
14Black Widow2021
15Adipoli Arjun2021
19kalavani Mappillai2018
21Vivaha Bhojanambu2021
22The Ghazi Attack2017
26Mr. Ashok2021
30Maragatha Naanayam2017
31Romeo Juliet2017

There are many reasons why people might enjoy Malayalam dubbed movies. Some possible reasons include:

  1. Accessibility: Dubbed movies can make it easier for people who do not express the original language of the film to understand and enjoy the content.
  2. Familiarity: Many people may enjoy dubbed movies because they are familiar with the actors and storylines from the original film.
  3. Cultural appeal: Dubbed movies can allow people to learn about and appreciate different cultures and languages.
  4. Convenience: Dubbed movies are often widely available, making it easy for people to access and watch them.
  5. Personal preference: Some people prefer dubbed movies over subtitled films or may prefer the dubbed version for various reasons.

Ultimately, the reasons why people love Malayalam dubbed movies vary widely and may depend on an individual's interests and preferences.


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