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How can add your podcast to every podcast directory

To get your podcast listed on as many directories as possible, you can follow these steps:

  1. First, make sure your podcast is hosted on a reliable platform and that you have an RSS feed for your podcast. This RSS feed will be used to submit your podcast to directories.
  2. Next, create a list of all the major podcast directories and platforms that you want to submit your podcast to. Some popular ones include Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher.
  3. Go to each directory's website and look for information on how to submit a podcast. This process may vary slightly from directory to directory, but generally you will need to provide your podcast's RSS feed and some basic information about your show.
  4. After you have submitted your podcast to all the directories on your list, you should start to see your show listed in each of them within a few days to a week. It's a good idea to check back on each directory periodically to make sure your podcast is still active and listed correctly.
  5. In addition to submitting your podcast to directories, you can also promote your show on social media, on your own website, and by reaching out to potential listeners and industry influencers. This can help to increase the visibility of your podcast and attract new listeners.

When you have a couple digital recording scenes in the can, and you're prepared to release them onto the world, you have only one stage left: presenting your show for appropriation across the bunch of webcast registries out there. While there are practically a boundless number of spots to discover web recordings, there is a small bunch (alright, in excess of a modest bunch) of spots you totally need to ensure your webcast can be found. Sorry, don't as well. We have you covered.

Apple is as yet the spot to go with respect to digital broadcasts. In case you're not recorded in the Apple Podcasts catalog (some time ago iTunes), you're somewhat not recorded anyplace. A ton of different indexes really utilize the Apple Podcasts administration for their own webcast conveyance. Implying that in case you're in Apple Podcasts, you're getting the most dispersion feasible for minimal measure of work

Click here and submit your podcast on apple

Amazon Podcasts is an exceptionally new help, and the accommodation interaction is moderately direct. Head over to the accommodation page, and you will begin entering your data for digital recording dissemination. Fortunately, Amazon Podcasts will allow you to present numerous shows all at once if you show responsibility for them. Notwithstanding, in case you're an organization or media aggregate with in excess of 20 that you need to be recorded on Amazon and Audible, you should contact Amazon straightforwardly.

TuneIn is amazingly simple to submit your podcast for distribution. Literally, all need you have to do is go to their podcast submission page, fill out the form, and when you finish, the page sends an email to them for manual approval. Within just a few days, you’ll get an email telling you that you’re listed in their directory.

Castbox is similarly as easy to submit to. You will require a Castbox record to submit, yet whenever that is done, it's a straightforward matter of going into their Creator Studio and guaranteeing your webcast by means of RSS. This is standard practice, and you should simply get a confirmation email to the location that is set up at your webcast.

Google Podcasts can be confusing because its form and function have changed over time. Previously, podcasts were handled through Google Play Music, but that service is being replaced with the dedicated Google Podcasts platform, which includes its own app and integration into Google Search results. To add a show to Google Podcasts, you need to log in to the podcast manager platform, click "Add Show," provide your RSS feed, and verify your email. If you are an Anchor.FM user, you may already be submitted to Spotify (which owns anchor). If not, you can create an account with Spotify for Podcasters to get insights into user behavior and demographics for your show on Spotify. Since Spotify is growing quickly in the podcast market, it is beneficial to set up an account with them.


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