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My self KRISH the host and funder of The Malayali Podcast. Our journey of podcasting starts on July 14, 2020. After completing one year and more than 60 episodes we have reached a milestone of 100k Total Plays. For us, it's a big achievement. It took us 5 months to go from 0-25K total plays. I almost quit several times because I was barely gaining listeners. It took us another 7 months to go from 25K-75K total plays and it only took us another two months to reach 100K total Plays. We all know Malayalam Podcasting is at its growing stage and podcasters in Malayalam are struggling to reach high. 

We cant compare youtube views with podcasting listeners' count. First of all, it's audio media, so it's very hard to reach an audience. Nowadays Youtube acting as another social media. but we can consider podcasting as a blog post. only people who want to listen will reach our podcast and the main positive side of podcasting is once people love your podcast they will listen to your complete episode.

On this podcasting journey, I meet lots of new people. who Like podcasts and love to create podcasts. Throughout the last year, I received more than 500 emails and lots of Direct messages to our Instagram and WhatsApp.

Love you all for your supports and feedbacks and keep supporting us.

The podcast is one of the future digital spaces. More than 1200 Malayalam podcasters are currently live now. More digital creators are creating podcasts nowadays. For those how to want to start a podcast, The best way to make a Malayalam podcast is to start and learn through trial and error. You don’t need fancy software or a perfect recording studio. You also don’t need above-average talent. All you need is persistence and the willingness to learn new things. You’ll make lots of mistakes along the way, but that’s all part of the process. The golden rule for any podcaster is to respect your audience’s time. Time is precious, and your listeners are giving theirs to you. So make every minute of your podcast count.

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The Malayali Podcast through its presents across 100+ countries caters to over 100K total plays. We have been recently rated as India's number 4 in the relationship category on the Apple podcast.

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