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How to Start A Podcast in Malayalam

Do you want to Start your own Malayalam Podcast in 2022

Hey, Do you want to Start a Podcast? You are in the correct place. We will help you to Start one. You can launch a successful podcast super quickly. Read this blog, and you can get more ideas about podcasting.

What is a Podcast? | How to Listen to a Malayalam Podcast

Let's get started 

Part 1

  • Design Your Podcast
  • Format & Idea
  • Cover Art
  • Podcast Music
  • When to Publish

Part 2

  • Microphone
  • Software
  • Recording
  • Editing

Part 3

  • Podcast Trailer
  • Publishing
  • Hosting
  • Get listed
  • Your Website

Part 4

  • How to Launch
  • How to Promote

Part 1: Designing Your Podcast

In this part, we cover designing your podcast, which includes how to decide on your podcast topic, choosing a podcast name, planning the structure of your episodes, and more.

Choose Your Podcast Name and Topic

The first step in starting your own podcast is knowing what niche and subject you are going to choose.

yes, you need the knowledge about the topic you choose, but more important is to pick something you love to talk about.

Plan and Structure Your Malayalam Podcast

Now you know how to name your Malayalam podcast and what niche you are planning to do. now its time to under sand the different format

How to Choose A Format for Your Malayalam Podcast

If your goal is to build a community, get sponsors and eventually run a membership or subscription, choose a solo or co-hosted the show. Your face and name will become your brand. You and your co-hosts will be what people tune in for, the voice they trust, and who they want to spend their listening time with.
Choose an interview format if your goal is to build a network and eventually sell a product or service. This is a quick way to build relationships and position yourself as a voice of authority in your chosen niche!

Pick Your Podcast Cover Art and Music

You'll need cover art in order to submit it to the directories, 
so follow these specifications to get it right the first time: 
  • Minimum 1400 x 1400 pixels, maximum 3000 x 3000 pixels 
  • Under 500kb file size 
  • JPEG or PNG format 
  • RGB colorspace

How to Choose Music for Your Malayalam Podcast

Use can use music for your show. Through audio branding, people can understand your show
through recognizing your podcast just from listening to your intro, outro, or jingles.

Try to use Royalty-Free Podcast Music on your show.

Choose Your Release Schedule

You have to schedule your podcast release.  

How Often Should You Publish Your Podcast?

Our podcast The Malayali Podcast, is a weekly podcast. we release a new episode every Tuesday.
You can also choose a specific day for your podcast. You can publish your episodes weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.
Once you divide the release schedule, try to stick to it. Consistency is the key to a successful podcast.

Part 2 -Understanding Podcast Technology

You need some software and equipment to start a podcast.
  • A microphone 
  • A computer, phone, or tablet 
  • Something to record into, i.e., software
Pick Your Podcast Microphone, Headphones, and Extras

You don't need a fancy mic for podcasting. but you need decent quality audio output.

Recording Your Podcast

Top tools for recording your podcast solo:

Audacity - Software (Mac, PC, and Linux), FREE
Dolby On - Software (Android) FREE
RecForge II - Software (Android) FREE

Top tools for recording your podcast remotely:

Zoom - Software (Mac and PC), FREE
zencater - Web service, FREE

Editing Your Podcast

After recording, it's time for editing. At the time of editing, you can remove unwanted parts from the audio. you can also remove background noise, and you can also add music to your show.

Top Recommendations for Podcast Editing Software

Audacity - Software (Mac, PC, and Linux), FREE. An open-source recording and editing suite which is perfect for beginners.

Auphonic - Web service, FREE (up to 2 hours of audio a month) 

Part 3: Build your Malayalam Podcast

Now it's time to put everything you know together and create a podcast you want.
and get ready for launch. 

Create Your Podcast Trailer

You know want you are going to create. so you have to tell your listeners what they can expect from your episodes through your trailer.

What to Include in Malayalam Podcast Trailer
  • Who are you?
  • What can they expect?
  • How can they listen?

Now Upload and Publish Your First Recording

your podcast episode is ready to upload and publish. Now we need a hosting platform to host our podcast.

Anchor (completely free )

Get Listed on Apple, Google, Spotify, etc.

Achor itself distributes your podcast to Apple Podcast, Spotify, and Google Podcast.

Part 4: Launch Your Malayalam Podcast!

And finally, the time has arrived, and everything is set to launch your podcast. Your submitted your podcast to directors, and everything is placed to launch your podcast.


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