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podcast niche ideas

Finding the right topic for your brand-new podcast is key to attracting the right listeners and staying motivated to produce new content consistently. You'll find dozens of unique podcast niche ideas in this article that will help you find one that you can stick with.

17 unique Podcast niche ideas

  1. TechReviews, talk shows, and debates about technology in general or specific goods are all available. Tech podcast subjects are popular, but they have a short shelf life, so you'll need to produce a huge number of episodes to keep your audience interested.
  2. Health and fitnessWeight reduction, weight growth, general health and fitness, kid health, older people's health, and so on are all topics that might be discussed. This is one of the most popular podcast topics, thus it's tough to stand out. It will be challenging to carve a niche for your podcast in this podcasting area.
  3. Personal FinancePersonal financial services, ideas for passive income, investment, trading, and so on. This is another saturated podcast niche, but there is still a lot of room for new participants, as the audience on this podcast topic is continuously looking for new voices.
  4. NewsNews of any kind, whether local or about a specific product or issue, sells more.
  5. Sports: Ports training, tutorials, and news, among other things Although this is a very competitive podcasting topic, it has a sizable audience. People are passionate about their sports and feel a personal connection to them. This makes retaining the audience simple and opens up a plethora of affiliate marketing opportunities.
  6. Self-improvementPersonal planning, time management, psychology, etc
  7. Motivational: A very popular topic of personal interest for many. Large scope for affiliate marketing.
  8. Business: Business communication, product launch, etc.
  9. History: Very popular topic and large audience base.
  10. Facts or triviaThis is the type of podcast topic where content will never be an issue, and coming up with new ideas to keep your audience engaged should be simple.
  11. Stories:  Investigation, thriller, criminal, fiction, and other genres are among the most popular.
  12. ComedyOne of the more competitive categories, yet nevertheless very popular. However, only go into this if you can entertain your audience. Making people laugh is a difficult skill to master.
  13. CultureThis is another popular podcasting speciality, but it might have a geographical or religious bent, and depending on what you choose to speak about, it may limit your audience.
  14. MusicMusic is a very popular podcasting topic; people of all ages like listening to it, and a music podcast specialized in a specific genre can be an excellent place to start.
  15. AnimalsAnimals and pets are once again a podcast topic with plenty of material.
  16. Religion and spirituality.
  17. PoliticsThis topic necessitates staying current with current events and is tough to grasp unless you intend to offer your opinions on current events. It can be contentious at times.

5 Podcast format ideas | Podcast niche ideas

An episode's format is the structure of your podcast. Check out these 5 
Podcast format ideas ( podcast niche ideas)

  1. Roundtable conversations: Roundtable podcasts feature three hosts discussing a topic, taking listener calls, or interviewing guests.
  2. Host-led interviews: Whether your podcast focuses on science, movies, animals, or healthcare, you can find experts and entrepreneurs who can provide new insights.
  3. How-to/tutorials: You can create audio tutorials on any topic you like. Whether you do a series or keep it centred around one case, you can change things up every episode.
  4. Single-host: Comment on local or global current events and politics. Take listener calls or include interest segments in your episodes to change them.
  5. Repurposed content: It is a method of repurposing pre-recorded media into podcasts. For churches, this is a great way to publish episodes of their sermons.
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