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How to grow your podcast audience

Are you looking for How to grow your podcast audience?

It's not surprising that the most often asked question among podcasters is, "How can I build my audience?" You've put in the time and effort to develop and create your first episodes, or perhaps you've already amassed a substantial back catalog. However, you may not have a large following to match the quality of your podcast.

If that's the case, you're not alone. Getting your podcast out there is a huge first step—and a huge accomplishment. However, word-of-mouth will only get you so far. You must take the appropriate efforts to reach out to more listeners in order to have your podcast heard.

Determine who you want to reach out to

Try to narrow down your target audience before adopting any single growth strategy. While you might believe, "My podcast is for everyone!" bear in mind that finding your niche is the key to building your audience. Instead of casting a wide net, focus on the particular value your podcast provides to the world and the people most likely to listen to (and benefit from) you.

It will be easier to identify and appeal to your audience if your theme is more narrow. For example, on “The Malayali Podcast” we speak to a very specific niche about Life Style and Relationships.

If your podcast has a lot of different themes, genres, and tones, you might want to narrow its topic to attract more listeners.

Figure out who your podcast's target audience is

Which portion of the globe do they live in? What are their hobbies? What other podcasts do they listen to on a regular basis? Built-in statistics in podcasting apps may help you track down demographic data and patterns within your current audiences as far as you can to put yourself in your audience's shoes.

Find out where your listeners are most engaged online by conducting your own research. Are they active on social media? Are there any hashtags or subreddits that they visit regularly? Knowing where and how to engage your audience can assist you to figure out where and how to reach them. Beginning by surveying your audience via Google Forms.

Connect with your listeners

It's time to engage with your target audience now that you've identified them. Depending on your target demographic, certain platforms may attract more attention than others; don't be hesitant about where you market your show. Getting the word out on any and all platforms where you may reach your listeners is the first step in communicating with them.

On social media

It's necessary to set up specific social media accounts when starting a podcast. Using social media to advertise your show makes it easier for people to find it and gives you a regular channel to market your podcast.

Taking full advantage of social media promotion for your podcast, follow these guidelines:
  • Every new episode should be promoted on your podcast and personal social media accounts.
  • Use custom hashtags for your podcast so that listeners may join in the conversation.
  • Include hashtags related to your guests and subjects.
  • With an active social presence, tag guests, organizations, TV shows, artists, and anybody or anything else mentioned in episodes.
  • Keep your audience engaged by responding to comments.
  • Post to the appropriate Facebook and Reddit communities.
  • To share on Twitter and Instagram, extract small audio samples from episodes.

Through your website

Building a website for your podcast is also another opportunity for your listeners to understand more about you as well your creative side while also discovering your podcast and listening to episodes. Including a blog on the website might increase its appeal even further. Your blog can go further into background information on guests and dig further deeply into show subjects. Blog material may also provide your viewers a behind-the-scenes peek at how you choose themes and interview subjects.
A podcast-specific website can also promote new listeners in finding you online when they search for keywords connected to your show. A blog can assist you to increase the value of your search engine optimization (SEO). The more material you have with the topic of your podcast and keywords linked to it, the higher.
Add a section specific to your podcast on your personal or commercial website, in which you might submit episodes as well as other related information.

Collaborate with the other podcasts to advertise yours

There will be thousands of Malayalam podcasts on Spotify alone, and every creators, no matter how many listeners they have, wish to increase their audience. Make use of your other creators as a source and create a support network. Connect with other makers who share your interests and listen to podcasts that compliment your own. Give them a social media shoutout and mention them to your fans throughout the episodes. They're likely to reciprocate the same.

Go even further by inviting other podcasters to be guests on your show. Look for possibilities to appear as a speaker on other podcasts in order to potentially hit a new audience of listeners. Engage with other creators online and create a wishlist of podcasts where you'd want to appear as a guest. Then, pitch the concept to the podcast's creators, explaining why you want to become a guest and what value you can bring in exchange.

Welcome a guest

A guest can help you reach a larger audience. Friends, specialists in a subject, or someone you've always wanted to chat with are all possible guests. Encourage your guests to promote the podcast shows they're on so you can connect with their audience.

Give them a tiny website link with content that can quickly publish, such as recommended content, a link to the episode, your amazing cover art, an interesting quotation from the interview, and a great image from the recording session, to make it simpler for them to promote you. Tag your visitors in tweets about them. They'll be more inclined to retweet and promote your content with their own audience.
Appreciate the accomplishments of previous visitors. When they achieve anything significant, publicly applaud them and reshare their episode. Keep note of holidays, micro-moments, and current events that are important to your podcast in the same way. Make a connection to your show by posting about them. Make yourself a useful and trustworthy source of information for your listeners.

Build ratings for your podcast

Your podcast rating provides credibility and social proof to your podcast, both of which are powerful tools for attracting new listeners. Direct listeners to rate your podcast anywhere you can: on your main show page, specific episode pages, your website, emails, social media, and in your episodes to get those five stars.

Create a trailer

Trailers are a simple approach to attracting new listeners by delivering a sneak peek of your show's content. Making a trailer is also an opportunity to define your show's unique value and practise pitching your program under time restrictions.

Make a list of your aims and keep track of how well you're doing them.

What does it mean to you to be successful? What are the metrics that are most relevant to you? They might be numerical, such as the number of subscribers or total episode listeners. Perhaps they're qualitative, such as a high rating or a devoted audience.

Define your success threshold and expand your audience with that goal in mind. If earning ad money is your definition of success, you can aim to expand your audience to a certain monthly ad income level. If you want to know how your program affects your listeners, you may use marketing and engagement as part of your plan. The podcast analytics dashboard makes it simple to track and visualize your podcast's success

Whatever your podcast audience targets are, keep in mind that long-term development takes time and commitment. It's acceptable if it takes a while for your podcast to get traction. You may start converting more followers with a good attitude and continuous promotion. Remember why you started in the first place when you're in doubt. Whether you have one or one million listeners, your podcast is something to be proud of.


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