Popular Malayalam films on Amazon Prime Video

Popular Malayalam films on Amazon Prime Video

Regional films have benefited from the exponential expansion of streaming services during the epidemic. The amount of content consumed has skyrocketed to previously unheard-of levels. Despite the fact that regional cinema always had a large audience, the sad times have increased its reach. Innovation in storytelling and deep character explication have helped Southern films find momentum. The increasing number of high-quality Malayalam films available on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video reflects the growing influence of independent filmmakers. Filmmakers like Liju Jose Pellissery and Jeethu Joseph continue to raise the standard and provide audiences with emotional experiences. Some of the greatest films India has made in recent years may be seen on streaming sites.

Non-Malayalam speakers nowadays are unconcerned about the two-inch subtitle barrier, and the platforms also provide dubbed audios in Hindi and English. As a result of all of these variables, we've compiled a list of the finest Malayalam movies available on Prime Video. The selections have been made to be diversified in order to cater to a wide range of preferences without sacrificing quality. Don't be afraid to name-drop in the comments section. Good luck with your reading!

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Popular Malayalam films on Amazon Prime Video

Great poems and knowledge regarding ego and its influence on mankind may be found in ancient Hindu scriptures. The ancient teachings indicate a single, immutable outcome for those who are obsessed with it — destruction. 'Ayyappanum Koshiyum' (i.e., Ayyapan Nair and Koshy) is a film about two guys who allowed their egos to rule their judgments and went out of their way to ruin each other. Their shared predicament extends beyond their personalities to their terrible pasts, the secrets of which are still hidden deep within.

As they clash (much like Ayyapan and Koshiyam in Hollywood a few weeks from now), the world watches as patriarchal ideas about masculinity and the purpose of manhood drive an epic war. On the one hand, Koshy is troubled by his perceived inadequacy in his father's eyes. As youngsters, powerful individuals of authority frequently urge us to become more like them and prove ourselves, forcing us to live in a condition of perpetual uncertainty. On the other hand, Ayyapan is a confirmed alpha, as evidenced by his history of righteous aggression, as we are told to think. His notions of claiming the moral high ground and teaching Koshy a lesson are jolted by the betrayal of his confidence.

'Ayyappanum Koshiyum' is a tremendously engaging viewing, raised by two ferocious performers at the top of their game, despite its magnificent philosophical grandeur. Prithviraj and Biju are a terrifying duo that represents all that is wrong with our culture.

IMDb Rating 8.0/10

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VIRUS (2019)

As the globe grapples with a catastrophic pandemic, the producers of 'Virus' send viewers to Kerala, where they see a lesser-known but the equally important battle against the invisible adversary. The emergence of the Nipah virus in 2018 surprised and alarmed the state. From the first indexed case to the last, the attempts of medical experts, government authorities, and the general public to contain the pandemic are depicted in 'Virus.'


Several personal stories of individuals who have lost loved ones are intermingled with the main plot. Aashiq Abu's straightforwardness keeps everything accessible and mainly understandable to the general public. His emotional connection with his audience is based on the human spirit's unwavering resolve, fuelled by compassion. 'Virus' is an absorbing and emotional tale, as well as a timely reminder that by working together, we can conquer the impossible and achieve the unimaginable.'

IMDb Rating 7.8/10

TRANCE (2020)

'Trance' portrays Fahadh Faasil as Viju, a poor motivational speaker living with his sad brother in Kanyakumari. Kunju. Viju is kept on his toes by his suicidal tendencies and strong dependency on narcotics. When he discovers Kunju hanging from the same fan that his mother hung some years ago, his worst fears are fulfilled. Viju relocates to Mumbai and runs across an old acquaintance who offers him a job. When he accepts the fateful deal, he has no idea the full worth of what he is truly trading.


'Trance' delves into a variety of topics, including substance misuse, mental disease, and the spread of illusory spiritualism. It's an indictment of men attempting to play God and commercialising the religion of despairing people living in both extremes of poverty and prosperity. The core deed of Faasil is the lifeblood of 'Trance.' His ability to go from the easygoing and joyful Viju to the jaded and uninterested Joshua is astounding. Viju's trek towards oblivion and a place where he loses himself ebbs and flows throughout the film. By the conclusion of the film, you'll be in tears, grieved by the banality and easiness with which a disturbed guy falls into despair and is further ostracised by unscrupulous businesses who never shy away from earning a profit.

IMDb Rating 7.3/10

C U SOON (2020)

When it initially came out, 'Searching' caused quite a stir. It succeeded in establishing a subgenre of films set entirely in the digital realm. Since then, there has been an invasion of similar films, and the mania has spread to Indian cinema. Due to the limitations imposed by the epidemic, 'C U Soon' was conceived. The film is directed by Mahesh Narayanan and follows Jimmy Kurien and Anu Sebastian, a girl he meets on a dating app. The flirting quickly turns into a relationship, bringing the two together. Anu's rigorous upbringing appears to be a harmless cliche at first, but it turns out to be a horrific occurrence that puts her life in danger. Kevin and Jimmy, played by Fahadh Faasil and Roshan Mathew, and Darshana, played by Fahadh Faasil and Roshan Mathew.The tight tale doesn't spend any time. The film's precise editing keeps new events exciting while also inducing the ideal run-time that all picture strives to.

The social commentary on human trafficking in 'C U Soon' draws to light the sorrow and pain that many young girls today experience. They're caught by vultures like Joseph and compelled to sell themselves since they don't have any familiar faces or support. The segment in which Kevin goes through Anu's conversations with her sister is the film's highlight. 'C U Soon' is a long-lasting combination of social awareness and deft narrative, and it makes the most of its restricted surroundings to open up a whole new world for an Indian film.

IMDb Rating 7.7/10

UNDA (2019)

In Malayalam, the word 'unda' means "bullet." The video was inspired by a newspaper article about the state administration in Chattisgarh making the inconceivable mistake of not giving enough ammunition to a police unit stationed in a Maoist-infested region to allow elections. The film examines topics comparable to those addressed in 'Newton,' but from a different perspective.

Mani, a SI who commands the unit in the focus, is played by Mammootty. 'Unda' is politically conscious and critically portrays many flaws in our administrative structure, as well as the haphazard way in which public duties are allocated. The video touches with a wide range of societal topics in a humane manner. 'Unda' stays loyal to the events of its peculiar real-world source for the most part, and exposes important realities about our democracy that deserve serious consideration from all relevant parties.

IMDb Rating 7.8/10

DRISHYAM 2 (2021)

"I feel like this is the beginning of something," Officer Thomas says with roughly 18 minutes left. And he is correct. Although film takes its sweet time to unravel Georgekutty's remarkable escape, Jeethu Joseph and Mohanlal's much-anticipated sequel to 'Drishyam,' released in 2013, is worth its weight in gold. 'Drishyam 2' takes place six years after 'Drishyam' concluded in the same world. Georgekutty has progressed from a part-time cable repairman to owning a movie theatre and collaborating on a screenplay with a well-known screenwriter. His family is still reeling from the events of that night, and they are feeling burdened and guilty. Secretly, the police, with the help of envious locals, pursue IG Thomas Bastin's 'personal mission' to bring down Georgekutty. Unbeknownst to them, Georgekutty is already five steps ahead.

'Drishyam 2' adds a modest but important number of additional participants to the game. Jose, Vinayachandran, and a gravedigger all get together in a contentious manner to serve the plot. Director Joseph has a high amount of deceit on his hands. Details that may appear little are crucial; there are certain leads that appear to lead but aren't. The missing pieces of Joseph's omniscient puzzle are scattered throughout the duration. The buildup is a little slow, particularly in the first hour. Our patience is rewarded, however, with a perfectly honed plot that, although lacking the flair of its legendary predecessor, addresses more substantial topics of crime, punishment, and atonement of guilt.

IMDb Rating 8.6/10

HELEN (2019)

Survival dramas that combine suspense and excellent character development are uncommon. Most of the time, the plot's intensity and focus shifts to a full-fledged survival narrative. Typically, filmmakers would isolate the protagonist and include new components in how they overcome hardship, as per the genre formula. 'Helen' is a character who works with an experimental screenplay that differs from the usual. Director Mathukutty Xavier (debut) establishes the span of Helen's interpersonal ties and her basic character from the very first scene to short moments in between. Xavier describes her encounters and defines her skillset as well as her destiny, which will ultimately save her. Because of how carefully thought out the small details are, the tale unfolds in a unique way.

Narratively, the film is strong. Helen's emotional heart is her connection with her father, which benefits significantly from Anna Ben and Lal's chemistry and comprehension of their roles. Despite a brief appearance, Aju Varghese is another remarkable talent who plays a completely different part than in his prior flicks. Despite the genre's predictability, 'Helen' establishes its supremacy with a complex and thoroughly crafted narrative and engaging acting.

IMDb Rating 7.7/10

EE. MA. YAU. (2018)

In English, Eesho Mariyam Yauseppe/Ee. Ma Yau. translates to Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. The plot of Liju Jose Pellisserry is set in the little seaside village of Chellanam in Kerala, and it depicts the attempts of a son (Eeshi) to keep his promise to his dying father (Vavachan) to provide him with a lavish burial. 'Ee. Ma. Yau.' has a sardonic cadence that is a mix of absurdist humour and deep sadness. The surrealist events and characters in the meditative piece, such as the two angels who play cards while everything around them disintegrates into chaos; Pennamma, who blurts out uncouth insults as she weeps beside Vavacharan's body; and the incessant downpour at the time of the burial, all explore divinity in death.
There are clear references to death in The Seventh Seal, such as the mid-credits sequence. PF Matthews, who authored the script, has written a number of books on the subject.

Due to the very first shot, Pelliserry's circus of death marches to his subtle and weird songs is more of a horror show where everything goes wrong than the beautiful spectacle we anticipate it to be. The enormous group is lead by a fantastic CV Jose, who plays Eeshi, a grieving man whose ambitions of obeying his dead father's wishes are dashed when he insults the local priest. Jose strikes a lovely balance between Eeshi's anger, hopelessness, and grief, which manifest themselves in many ways. As Ayyapan, the solitary sane voice amid a sea of mayhem and drunkards, Vinayakan is another excellent actor. 'Ee. Ma. Yau.' is the crowning achievement of modern Malayalam film, filling the void left by a timeless masterpiece.

IMDb Rating 8.4/10


Shane Nigam, Soubin Shahir, Sreenath Bhasi, and newcomer Mathew Thomas star in Madhu Narayanan's directorial debut, 'Kumbalangi Nights,' which stars Shane Nigam, Soubin Shahir, Sreenath Bhasi, and newcomer Mathew Thomas as four brothers united by blood but separated by personal differences in Kumbalingi, a small village in Kerala. Their feud is so fierce that Bonny (Bhasi) decides to leave the house altogether, only returning when Franky (Thomas) arrives home from school. Saji (Shahir) and Bobby (Nigam) frequently fight and perform little or no work since they have no sense of responsibility. The film brings the family closer together as a result of both lucky and terrible occurrences, as well as introducing new members.Fahadh Faasil, who also co-produces the film, plays Shammi, the antagonist who is torn between his personal identity and his status as the man of the house.

Syam Pushkaran reminisces about his childhood holidays in Kumbalingi. The town becomes a character in its own right, with its own life, magic, and sadness, thanks to his writing. The charming hamlet is surrounded by lush flora and bioluminescent water bodies, making for a stunning combination. Director Narayanan and the superb ensemble bring out the worst in human nature, while cinematographer Shyju Khalid captures the town at its best.
Unlike many of its contemporaries, 'Kumbalangi Nights' features a significant female representation. Baby embodies the modern lady, blending a strong spirit and resistance with her cultural origins. Simmi, despite her meek attitude and domestic manner, stands up to her chauvinist husband when the situation demands it. Narayanan analyses and highlights the underlying patriarchy and the "macho image" that males grow up with in our culture through these level-headed ladies. Shammi's character, who appears to be named after the hero Shammi Kapoor, is forced to resort to excessive violence by his need to play tough and as the rescuer of the ladies.
With more smiles and togetherness beneath the roof, the brothers' friendship and the mental influence of the family as a unit on the uniqueness of the institution's donors advances graphically. When Franky responds to Nylah's statement about their house being gorgeous with "Really?" there is an immediate shift in viewpoint. Saji pulls Vijay's widow and her infant into the picture to complete the link that makes their house a home. At the end, the brothers work together to defeat Shammi, which would not have been possible without their combined efforts.
'Kumbalangi Nights' is a film that frees you while also bringing you closer to yourself and others around you. Also, you'll be singing "Cherathukal" for days after seeing the movie.

IMDb Rating 8.6/10


'Jallikkattu' does not refer to the contentious Tamil Nadu sport of the same name. A frantic buffalo chase in a small Keralan hamlet engulfs the whole people, giving birth to the film. However, the film is truly about the classic'man vs. beast' battle that continues to this day. Liju Pelliserry's staged mayhem follows the collapse of man and his civil sensibilities earned through millions of years of development into something he himself fears - the beast, in his characteristic style of raucous conversation and beautifully crafted long shots. The difference is actually bridged in the thrilling conclusion, but it is also explored more subtly through the rich subtext and underlying ideas of 'Jallikkattu.'The manly clash between Kuttachan and Antony after the long, teasing buildup, for example, is a microcosm of the film's main topic. Another is the somewhat greater battle between groups of men – who were formerly a single group – to track down the wild beast. Women are the more cautious of the species, according to social critique. While the men destroy woods, devastate ecosystems, and cut down trees, the ladies are forced to stay at home and are further afflicted by the monster that runs rampant inside those engaging in the pursuit.

'Jallikkattu' moves kinetically and fiercely despite its short running time, thanks to a combination of Prasanth Pillai's magnificent soundscape – a mix of tribal beats, animal cries, fighting men, and the setting itself – Girish Gangadharan's immersive and visceral imagery, and Liju Pellissery's polished vision and conviction.

IMDb Rating 7.4/10