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How to report a pirated podcast on Anchor. FM

Is it possible that your podcast has been pirated? Is your audio currently on someone else's podcast feed after someone copied it without your permission?

Report it to the podcast host

It's always a good idea to report a pirated podcast to the podcast hosting service where it's hosted. If the campaign is successful, the content should be removed from all podcast apps.

Here's a link to a few podcast hosting services:

If you also want to report it to a podcast directory

Podcast directories, with the exception of Spotify, do not host your audio, thus there's no purpose most of the time. Some podcast directories save copies of shows for a while after they've been deleted. If you're having trouble with the podcast hosting firm, try contacting the directories listed below:

Apple Podcasts 

Google Podcast 


Digital Piracy - An Overview

Piracy is known by many other names, including internet piracy, online piracy, and digital piracy, to name a few. Still, piracy is the illicit copying of protected work that infringes the owner's copyright.

Piracy includes illegally copying copyrighted podcasts, music, games, software, electronic books, and movies and streaming that material without authorization.

As the internet and its widespread use expanded in popularity, digital piracy became a well-known concept that garnered public attention. Perhaps unlicensed digital content, such as films, videos, or software, was circulated.

People who participate in digital piracy are known as digital pirates. In addition, the unlawful copying and dissemination of digital content are called digital piracy.


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