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Are we using Social Media productively? Check our Malayalam Podcast 

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How to use Social Media more mindfully and productively? 

Social media has altered our ability to communicate and live. So many individuals have found it a safe haven, a place of learning, empathy, education, connection, and amusement. It's a fantastic idea, and it's difficult to imagine life without it.

Social media is commonly regarded as the ultimate time-waster, and in terms of legitimacy, it is comparable to Wikipedia. Sure, it's easy to lose track of time browsing, like, publishing, and gazing at your phone like a zombie. Still, it's also perfectly feasible to use social media effectively, to better and educate oneself.

'Don't believe everything you read on the internet!' is a famous saying, and by 'everything,' I mean 'anything.' Social media has a lot of bad connotations: it's shallow, unproductive, and a waste of time. But, of course, it has subtlety as a system created for ongoing involvement (it's naturally addicting!) where anybody may say practically anything at any moment. So it has both bad and good aspects.

Here are some suggestions for using social media more deliberately and productively.

Develop your critical thinking skills and worldview

This will pay handsomely since it will increase your academic success and overall personhood/intelligence. While it is simple to lie on the internet, social media may be a reliable source of information (when taken with a bucket-load of salt). This is because social media comprises actual individuals (apart from bots!) who share their lives and perspectives.

It's easy to practice critical thinking here: just think about something for at least four seconds. Consider prejudice; what impacts this individual? This is vital to consider when reading sponsored posts: do they genuinely use it, or are they just paid to pretend they do? Is flat tummy tea effective? (Spoiler alert: no.)

Follow people that inspire and educate

If you do this, your timeline will put you in a happy mind rather than a negative one defined by comparison and jealousy. Follow your favourite authors, activists, body-positive influencers, singers, etc. Use social media to network and connect with these individuals and those who share your interests and ambitions.

Follow the news

Keep up with what's going on in the world around you to become more cosmopolitan and innovative during dinner table arguments. You'll arrive at class with an arsenal of hot takes or, at the very least, the fundamentals of current events. Exercise your freshly developed critical thinking abilities! 

The potential of social media as a weapon for change and education has been evident in recent weeks - take advantage of it.

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