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 There are recordings from all over the world on

Nature Sounds Podcast

There's a fascinating new site that aggregates soundscapes worldwide for folks who enjoy exploring new sounds. touts itself as "similar to Spotify, but for natural soundscapes." You may listen to several bird species in Malaysia and India and forest noises in Ghana. The sounds were collected from various individuals who have recorded the natural environment in areas such as Brazil, Spain, Norway, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. In addition, the website includes sounds from national parks and the Everglades.

Users may make their own customised playlists of Earth.FM sounds, zipping from Brazil to Egypt in a couple of minutes.

In its About Us section, the website mentions research that illustrates the advantages of soundscapes on people's well-being, such as the stress-relieving effects of water sounds and bird noises. The site also serves as a conservation tool, stating that "soundscapes are becoming increasingly uncommon as we humans continue to damage the natural ecosystems that generate them." In addition to listening to each soundtrack, you will be introduced to environmental non-profits such as those committed to tree planting. adds new sounds every three days to provide a fresh experience. It's a friendly reminder that there's a beautiful, loud world out there if you're seeking a moment of zen.

A relaxing evening in the Amazon rainforest  | Nature Sounds Podcast

Nature Sounds Podcast

Sounds of the Amazon jungle at night - at first, this appears to be a dense wall of sound, but as your hearing adjusts to the busyness, layers begin to emerge.

You'll hear fog drip, mild breeze, and deadfall on occasion.

Furthermore, insects' loud chorus is continual, multi-layered, and ever-changing.

Finally, numerous birds call from time to time, their pitiful wails reverberating through the dense vegetation.

A representation of the White Mountain National Forest | Nature Sounds Podcast

Nature Sounds Podcast

Field recordist Jared Blake captured an extensive, hour-long depiction of the White Mountain National Forest in binaural sound in this peaceful natural soundscape.

"These recordings were made in the Sandwich Wilderness in the White Mountain National Forest throughout the year," Jared writes. Every day, I hiked up the Wonalancet River from the parking lot, hopping from rock to rock. Because I wasn't on a route, I could see and photograph portions of the Wonalancet that were previously unknown to the world."

Enjoy! 🙏🏼🌏

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