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  What is a podcast? Our easy-to-understand description includes samples of how they sound, what's popular, and how to listen.

What exactly is a podcast? A podcast is a sort of digital content. Usually, voice is distributed in a series of episodes or portions and may be watched or downloaded over the Internet by the end-user. Podcasts can be released regularly or at random. But how do they function, and how do you listen to them? Continue reading to find out!

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What is a Podcast? In a little more detail 

Apple created the podcast to distribute musical/audio-based material to iPod users. A podcast can be listened to directly on the website or downloaded as an MP3 or comparable file for playback on a computer or compatible mobile device. Podcasts are often disseminated instantly by the producer or podcaster or via syndication through a content delivery company. In addition, podcasts may now transmit additional digital material such as video, e-books, radio broadcasts, and audio. Podcasts are used for various purposes, including news, entertainment, and education. In its broader depth, a podcast is a collection of spoken-word audio episodes centered on a specific topic or theme, such as cycling or business. You may subscribe to the podcast using an app on your phone and listen to podcasts on mobile app, in the car, or over speakers.

Podcast vs. Blog: What's the Difference? 

A little over a decade ago, the term "blog" did not exist. After 10 years, the mainstream media began to use the term "blog" without a regular explanation. There are now millions of them. Blogs have grown into an important part of something much bigger. Read this article for more details. 

Podcast vs. Blog: What's the Difference?

Are Podcasts Audio or Video?

One point of contention in the 'what is a podcast' debate is whether the medium is audio or video.

Even while visual podcasts exist, most podcasts nowadays are audio-only. The necessity for background material has fueled the growth of podcasting. Anything that can entertain, educate, or inspire you while doing something else, dull or routine.

One of the most prevalent places where individuals listen is in their cars. Because you can't see the video there, audio stuff is ideal. Podcasts are also excellent for listening to the gym, mowing the lawn, or commuting to job. Any unused time can be listening in to an audio opportunity!

Of course, you'll have to find something to listen to, so you'll probably need to invest in a pair of headphones to connect to your smartphone. Otherwise, use Bluetooth to connect to your car, or start listening on your Echo or any smart speaker!

Podcasts vs. podcast episodes: what's the difference?

A podcast is a collection of episodes that refers to the entire program. Then there's a podcast episode, which is only one recording from the entire show.

It's really similar to television. A television show is made up of several episodes.

Consider 'Friends' the show and 'The One Where They Got Married' the episode. Friends is analogous to a Podcast in this example, and 'The One Where They Got Married' is the Podcast Episode.

What is a Podcast: Next Steps

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Here are some next steps for you now that you know what a podcast is.