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 Do you know our Super Star, Mohanlal, has his own Malayalam podcast

In the Malayalam cinema industry, Mohanlal is a superstar. He's been in the industry for almost four decades. There are many exciting things about the Malayalam superstar, Like the Most expensive films, luxury car collections, watch addiction, Mohanlal Podcast, etc.

Mohnalal Podcast

Interesting facts about Mohanlal Podcast

On his Voice Blog ( Podcast ), he shares his life experience in an exciting way of storytelling. He started his voice blog in 2016. He already wrote blogs on his website. From 2016 onward, he embedded a voice blog with his blog. Here comes the exciting thing, we can listen to Mohanlal's blog podcast in his own voice as Mohanlal Podcast.

Let's listen to Mohanlal Malayalam Podcast

7 Unknown Facts about Mohanlal 

  1. In 1977-78, Mohanlal won the state boxing championship.
  2. In Iruvar, Aishwarya Rai made her acting debut opposite Mohanlal (Tamil).
  3. Mohanlal was ranked 80th in Reader's Digest's list of India's most trusted people in 2010.
  4. Mohanlal was awarded the IMA award by the Indian Medical Association in 2013.
  5. After 25 years, Mohanlal released his first film, Thiranottam.
  6. He considered Dubai as his second home.
  7. Mohanlal Start Podcasting from 2016

What is a Podcast?

A podcast is simply an internet radio discussion show. Podcasts are classified into two types: audio and video. And audio is the most popular format. Anyone with access to the internet can start a podcast. With several services offering to distribute your podcast for free, the entrance hurdle is minimal. If you want to start your own podcast, the only major expense is a good microphone.

However, today's focus is on folks who wish to start listening to podcasts. We can discuss establishing a podcast another time.

Podcast newcomers should be aware that the majority of podcasts available are free. Occasional are behind a paywall, but most are free and can be alternated with some ad-reads. People are generally concerned when they hear the phrase "subscription," and they believe they must pay anything. No, subscribing to a podcast is similar to signing up for a website's newsletter. It's free, and you'll be notified whenever a new programme is released. The app you use to manage your podcast subscriptions, on the other hand, is a unique experience.


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