Instagram Update videos under 15 minutes will automatically become Reels

Instagram has taken it upon itself to shift every video you submit under 15 minutes long (assuming your account is public) into the Reels category as Reels gain popularity.

Instagram will display this warning when you attempt to upload a video to your profile.

Discovery. Your Reels may be eligible and suggested for more people to watch if they are placed on a public profile. Other users can now remix, edit, and add their touches to the videos using Instagram's built-in tools, such as templates and a new Dual function that simultaneously records with both your front- and back-facing cameras.

Few exclusions:  This does not apply to videos uploaded before today's changes or ones longer than 15 minutes. The blog post also said that the Discovery and recommendation system would only accept movies that are under 90 seconds in duration at this time.

Remixing tools: In order to improve the way stories are shared on Instagram when users collaborate with creators and friends, Instagram is also adding new tools for Remix, such as:

Remix for images: The Instagram experience revolves around images. You will be able to remix photos in the upcoming weeks. You may use this as an endless source of ideas to make your own distinctive reel.

Expanded Remixed designs: To add your video commentary to preexisting reels, select from a green screen, horizontal or vertical split-screen, or picture-in-picture response view.

Include a clip: Have a heated opinion? You may now upload your clip after the original reel, so it plays sequentially, as opposed to having your remix show at the same time as the original reel.

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