Spotify is testing podcast creation tools within its app

New tools that will let you record, edit and broadcast podcasts from Spotify's main app are now being tested. Last month, the corporation launched a similar function in New Zealand. By doing this, you won't need a different app, like the Spotify-owned Anchor, to record and broadcast rapid takes for podcasts.

Michael Mignano, the co-founder of Anchor and departing Spotify executive, mentioned the introduction of this functionality. He added that users can create an episode "without the need for additional gear or equipment." 

When you select the Record podcast option, you'll be sent to a landing screen with a record button to begin recording a clip. You may record audio in a single take or pause it to take breaks. After you've finished recording, you may edit the footage and add background music by selecting a track from a preset list. After cleansing, you may give the episode a title, and a description, tag another podcast or music and publish it.

There are currently no specifics on whether this feature is available to users in other markets or how you may receive analytics for your podcast.

Previously, the company has included Anchor-led features in the main interface, such as premium podcast subscriptions and video podcasts. However, these new podcast authoring capabilities are likely Anchor's most tightly integrated features to date.

In 2019, Spotify introduced a new "Create podcast" option. Still, instead of giving in-app tools, it pushed listeners to download Anchor. 

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