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 Top 5 Reasons To Start A Podcast

I've been officially hosting my first podcast for almost two years, and I'm grateful to have done so. In addition to having a wonderful time recording a solo & interview podcast every week for my show, I am honoured to know that my podcast has been downloaded more than 150k times by people worldwide.


Five reasons why should you start a Malayalam Podcast

  1. To build an audience. 
  2. It drives organic traffic. 
  3. It doesn't cost much to get started. 
  4. To promote your products or services 
  5. You can make money from your show

A podcast can be a powerful & inexpensive way to communicate your message to your target audience and a great way to market your business. Podcasting will help you position yourself as an expert in your field, which will, in turn, help you build a client list of fans you already know, like, and trust. A podcast is a great way to share your ideas, thoughts, and solutions with potential customers. Also, podcasts are an excellent way to build authority and credibility with potential customers. 

To build an audience. 

Like a blog, a podcast allows you to build an audience. Increasing popularity leads to a growing audience for your podcast. You will not attract everyone who listens to your show, but those who like your content and style will become loyal listeners. Your show will be recommended to others, and over time, you'll build a loyal base of fans.

Using platforms such as iTunes or Stitcher to host your show will also expose your show to new listeners who search for specific topics on those platforms. Someone searching for a podcast about cooking will find your podcast if it appears in the search results for that keyword, for example.

Try to list your show on Amazon music, Ganna, and Jio Saavn.

It drives organic traffic. 

Those who listen to your podcast have chosen you. Podcasts have a unique feature that makes them highly effective for promoting and marketing to a targeted audience. You have an opportunity to craft an offer that speaks directly to the right people for what you do because you are talking to the right people.

Make your listeners feel special by having a call to action that leads them to a webpage that offers them a personalized promotional offer. Give your audience a reason to visit your page by giving them an exclusive reward for listening and subscribing. Your offer should contain a low-cost or no-cost introductory item to get them into your database.

By including a link to the higher ticket offer in the show notes, listeners can easily go to the request and learn more once they are on your contact list. Additionally, podcasters can promote the offer on social media, increasing the chances that potential customers will see it.

It doesn't cost much to get started. 

Ten years ago, if someone wanted to Launch a podcast, you probably needed to invest several thousand in equipment. As a result, this is not the case anymore. For example, when I launched my podcast in 2020, I spent about 5000 rupees on equipment. Since then, the cost of the same equipment has dropped by almost 30%.

To host your show, you only need a computer (or laptop) with an internet connection. A microphone, headset, and pop filter are the most essential items. I use a maono microphone, Sony headphones, and a pop filter. I recently found a similar set of headphones (different headphones) on Amazon. Excellent deal. I would appreciate hearing from you.

You can even launch your podcast from your phone. 

To promote your products or services. 

You can use your podcast to help promote your products and services, such as books, courses, or consulting services. Podcasts can be an effective way to attract your ideal customers. You can mention these things in your episodes or tell your listeners to visit your website to learn more.

You can make money from your show.

A podcast can be monetized in a few ways. You can charge sponsors to be mentioned on your show if your download numbers are high enough. You can also use your show to promote your products or services (books, courses, consulting, for instance). It is also possible to include affiliate links in each recommended resource on your show's main website. You earn a commission when somebody clicks on one of your recommended resources and decides to buy.

One of the effortless and most cost-effective ways to market yourself is to create podcasts that target an audience that is exactly who you want to attract. You can also become a celebrity by creating podcasts. You can connect with potential customers interested in what you have to say. It doesn't take much time or money to get started.  

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