YouTube Podcasts starts to roll out

YouTube launched a dedicated page for podcasts.


YouTube's new feature has the potential to pose a threat to Apple and Spotify, even in its simplest form.

YouTube Podcasts are rolling out in the US. The podcast front page is accessible from the explore page and includes popular episodes, playlists, and recommendations, along with a list of creators and categories such as true crime, sports, and music. 

As the most-used podcast platform (unintentionally), YouTube is launching a dedicated podcast page. Unfortunately, podcasting and YouTube are blurring lines, and any step the company takes toward consolidating listening could pose a challenge for Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

According to Google, the page was launched in late July and is still in the rollout process. You can access it only in the US at or through the Explore page where there is a new podcast tab. In addition to featuring popular shows with millions of subscribers, such as The H3 Podcast or Logan Paul's podcast, the new page does not exhibit much curation.  

The page isn't as sophisticated as rival podcast platforms, but that may not matter all that much. YouTube is already outperforming Apple Podcasts & Spotify, thanks to video podcasts and ease of use, so maybe it is better to stick with what audiences are used to.  

 The presence of YouTube in the podcasting space happened more by osmosis than by design. In 2005, Apple launched podcasts as the first tech giant to enter the room. Podcasting became a significant focus for Spotify in 2019 with acquisitions of studios and technology, as well as blockbuster deals with stars such as Joe Rogan and Alex Cooper. Similarly, podcasts on YouTube just happened because everything ends up there somehow.

Podcasting is still a tiny part of YouTube's business. Google's parent company made $28.8 billion from the streaming service in 2021. According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, the podcast industry reached $1 billion last year. Although YouTube doesn't need to own podcasting, the page suggests the company may invest more resources.


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