Halloween 2022 date India : History, Significance & Everything You Need to Know

Halloween is the most anticipated holiday of the year. Halloween, commonly known as All Hallows' Eve, is an annual festival of horror and the supernatural. Every year on October 31st, it is observed. Halloween is suitable for people of all ages.

Western countries celebrate Halloween. People dress up in creative and unusual costumes, go trick-or-treating, carve jack-o-lanterns, and enjoy pumpkin-spiced drinks. This is a method of protecting against all dangers.

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Halloween 2022: History and Significance

Every year, Halloween is commemorated. Not just Western countries but even countries such as India have begun to celebrate Halloween. This was once regarded as a solemn occasion. On this day, saints (hallows), martyrs, and all devout persons who died were respected and honored. This practice, however, has grown through time and is now an occasion to dress up, cosplay with pop-culture references, and eat candy.

Halloween can be traced back to the Celtic celebration of Samhain. Then, it was a harvest celebration. Celtic people arrived 2000 years ago, and Halloween marked the conclusion of the harvest season. It also signaled the start of the frigid winter months.

Celtics came from Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Northern France. They thought that on the eve of Halloween, the lines between living and dead blurred and spirits might roam freely. As a result, the Celtic began to celebrate New Year's Day on November 1st. To commemorate this occasion, Druids, or Celtic priests, built great sacred bonfires around which people congregated to give sacrifices to Celtic deities.

Happy Halloween story

Halloween 2022 Date India and Celebration

Every year on October 31st, it is observed. Halloween is observed to distinguish between summer and winter and the living and the dead. It is thought that the lines between the living & dead around Halloween blur. Nowadays, Halloween is celebrated by people dressed in eerie outfits and costumes, decorating houses in spooky fashion, scaring people, eating candies, and sipping pumpkin-spiced drinks.

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