Life After Marriage | Whether you are married to your best friend or your soulmate, life changes after marriage

Life After Marriage
Life After Marriage | The Malayali Podcast

Whether you are married to your best friend or your soulmate, life changes after marriage

Who claimed that life would be better after marriage? You will face new challenges. While you may believe marriage will solve all your single-life concerns and make your life easier, we regret to inform you that this is not the case. Yes, there will be many romantic moments, but anyone who tells you that life changes after marriage solely in planned weddings is lying. Even if you're married to the love of your life, things change after marriage

You meet your friends less frequently.

You wind up spending more time with your partner, which is also acceptable. Your husband, new home, life, and new family now dominate your life. Yes, you maintain a balance between everything, but remember your vow to your girlfriends that nothing will ever alter after marriage?

You only hang out with them sometimes. If you live in the same city, you can meet once a month, while those who live far away can only meet once a year, and in some circumstances not even that. So what's the best part? Your buddies understand and do not complain. They let you enjoy your new life while promising to be there for you. Despite this, it creates a hole and causes you to miss your buddies greatly.

Your festivals and holidays need to be separated.

Your social and family time is divided, and equal time is required. It's not only about your parents and vacations, and vacations aren't just for them. You must now spend equal time with your in-laws. The concept of splitting the holidays may irritate you at first, but you will become accustomed to it. So, yeah, life does change.

Grocery shopping takes over Friday nights 

Nobody will ever tell you that not every Friday is about late-night parties but rather about food shopping. Not even a small exaggeration! Yes, reality hits you hard when you are bartering with a supermarket vendor instead of walking down the street in high heels. But that's life.

Your carefree single life makes you miss it.

You are debating whether or not to marry. Sorry, but you are correct. You keep wondering if you rushed into it or did the right thing at the appropriate moment. This has nothing to do with you not liking your husband any less. Instead, these thoughts arise because you miss your single life, the carefree one with fewer commitments and responsibilities.

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