International Men's Day 2023

International Men's Day primarily recognises the positive contributions that men make to their communities, families, and the world. Being in November has added significance because it is also the month of "Movember," an annual event in which men grow their moustaches for the entire month to raise awareness of men's health issues such as testicular cancer, prostate cancer, and so on. It is also the month in which Children's Day is observed.

International men's day 2022

What is the significance of International Men's Day?

On International Men's Day, which is observed in over 80 countries worldwide, several important topics are discussed. Here are some examples:

  • Discuss men's and boys' emotional, physical, social, and spiritual health.
  • Gender equality is critical.
  • Gender equality has improved in various societies.
  • Male role models for the next generation
  • Making a difference in the life of local boys and men

How Did it Start?

Dr. Jerome Teelucksingh, a history lecturer, founded IMD in Trinidad and Tobago at the University of the West Indies in 1999. He encouraged people to use this day to reflect on issues affecting boys and men. It received widespread support in the Caribbean region and later spread to many countries, including Singapore, India, Australia, UK and The United States.

This day is not intended to compete with International Women's Day, but rather to encourage men to raise boys with values, character, and responsibilities.

What are the different ways in which it is celebrated around the world?

Different countries celebrate IMD in various ways, with the main focus being on issues that are most important to the community. In the United Kingdom, for example, male suicide is an important topic of discussion on International Men's Day because men are three times most likely than women to commit suicide in the country (as reported by Samaritans, an emotional support charity).

What is the date & theme of International Men's Day 2023?

Saturday, November 19, 2022, will be International Men's Day. The theme for International Men's Day in 2023 is "Zero Male Suicide". The focus is on helping men and boys to manage their mental health. The month of November is particularly important for men, as it creates a safe space for the male community to open up and seek help.

Indian International men's day 2022 Date

Uma Chulla, an Indian men's advocate, initiated the celebrations in India in 2007. The goal was to expose the shocking abuse that men face in the country's anti-male legal system. Other topics covered include fatty changes in the liver and belly fat, both of which are growing concerns for Indian men.

Many people mark this day by donating to causes related to men's health, creating and sharing posters about men's mental health, and so on.

Although International Men's Day was established after International Women's Day, which was established in 1910, it is an excellent way to help end gender stereotyping and discrimination. This can help to create a safer and better world in which all people can reach their full potential and make positive vibe contributions to society.

International Men’s Day 2022 theme 

Saturday, November 19, 2022, will be International Men's Day. In Australia, our theme for International Men's Day is "Celebrating Mateship," and we hope to inspire more men to #MakeTime4Mates.

Mateship is an important component of Australian national identity, and it is particularly associated with close male friendships.

According to research, close friendships and social connections can promote better health. International Men's Day theme aims to emphasise the importance of mateship in assisting men to live longer, better, and healthier lives.

Mateship is frequently regarded as an archetypal masculine value and virtue in Australian culture. Many men's health projects that focus on strengths have capitalised on this positive, masculine trait.

Since 2008, MATES In Construction has worked to prevent suicide in male-dominated industries. MATES capitalises on the Aussie trait of mateship by providing workers with the tools they need to monitor their coworkers' mental health.

In addition, AMHF's guide to male-friendly services argues that health programmes that effectively engage men tend to work with masculine strengths like helping others and being a good mate.

International Men's Day 2022 theme seeks to motivate more men to #MakeTime4Mates and strengthen social bonds by:

  • Making time to see old friends
  • Making time to meet new people
  • Reaching out to friends who are going through a difficult time


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