Navigating the Murky Waters of Toxic Friendships: A Deep Dive

Hello readers! Krish here, back with another enlightening piece. Today, we're exploring the realm of toxic friendships - a topic that's simultaneously hilarious and disconcerting. We all have a friend like 'Rajan' who treats us as their personal encyclopedia, tech support, and Uber, refusing to use Google. If you can relate to 3 am calls for Wi-Fi troubleshooting or acting as a relationship counselor, you might be in a toxic friendship.

Unfortunately, toxic friends are a universal phenomenon, creeping into our lives like an unwanted ingredient in our food. So, what's the solution? Is freezing them out like leftover avial the answer? While it's tempting, real life is more complicated than that.

To help you identify toxic friendships, let's play a game of "Toxic or Not!" Here's a scenario: Your friend disappears when you're about to share your good news about a promotion. Toxic or not? The verdict is - Yes, it's toxic! Friends should be supportive and happy for you, not rushing for the exit.

Here's another scenario: Your friend forgets the money they owe you but remembers every time you tripped in public during college. Toxic or not? Once again, the verdict is - Yes, it's toxic! This selective memory syndrome is often a sign of toxic friendships.

While we've had a few laughs, let's not forget that toxic friendships can be harmful. It's important to surround yourself with positive, respectful friends. As the saying goes, 'Choose your friends wisely,' especially if they remind you of Rajan.

Before we wrap up, I want to acknowledge that today marks our third anniversary of digital rendezvous! Thank you for three enriching years filled with laughter, wisdom, and camaraderie. In celebration, let's acknowledge the 'Rajans' in our lives and make the most of every opportunity for growth (and potentially hilarious stories). Here's to many more years of navigating life together!

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