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Life of a woman | Malayalam Podcast

" A woman never live her life for herself. She lives for her father, siblings, spouse and her children." 
What would happen to a world without women? She has the full power vested in her hands. She is the only one who has the power to create, nurture and revamp. The life of a woman travels through several roles that she takes in society. While growing up, she fulfils her duties as a daughter, sister and a friend. When married, she fulfils the duty of a wife and when she gives birth, she carries out her duty as a mother. Her life is always for people that surrounds her.

A woman as a "friend"  | Malayalam Podcast

"Friendship is one of the greatest bonds between two humans"
Friends are people who came into our lives as strangers and turned out to be the most valuable treasures in our life. A girl bestie is one of the most valuable treasures that you can ever get. She understands you and finds out the solutions to all your problems. She teases you like a friend, advice you like a sister and cares you like a mother. She knows the answer to all of your problems. She will always be your source of strength and will always know how to comfort you. She knows what is right and wrong for you. A girl faces a lot of limitations as a friend. Those limitations may be from her family or her society. She faces limitations according to the people who she befriends. She will always be trustworthy and will always be happy at your achievements.

A woman as "a wife" | Malayalam Podcast
" Girls are the only ones with the power to part from their lives and join others and see them as their own."
After marriage, a girl enters into a new family which she is asked to consider as her own. She loves them and takes care of them as she did with her own family. She lives for that family. She agrees to go after his dreams and consider it as hers. She understands his problems and finds out the most effective solutions for the situation. She will stand by his side through thick and thin. She will be his best friend and takes care of him as his mother. She has the power to heal all his problems. She is the one who is behind his success. She will never leave him during his harsh times and will always be there as a way to escape from all of his problems. She considers him as her world and makes her presence worthy.

Women as A" Wife" | Malayalam Podcast
"A mother is a person who sacrifices all of her....... Her body, sleep, social life and even happiness for the sake of her children"Being a mother is the happiest but yet the most important obligation that a girl ever takes in her life. She enjoys every moment with her children and would sacrifice herself to see happiness in the faces of her children. She may have sleepless nights during her days of pregnancy but never complaints about it. She will never let anyone break her children's heart. She will be tired but keeps going on. She may be overwhelmed but never give up. She is wonderful even when in chaos. A Mom is a person who turns a house into a home. Motherhood is a choice. A woman takes it up even though she knows that it means sacrificing her dreams. She is ready to put others needs and well being ahead than her own. "Mother is the greatest and the most beautiful creation that God has ever made"

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